The Future of Public Transportation is Here!. The Solution to all traffic Problems.

This system can solve most public transportation problems because it minimally impacts the streets below, requires a minimum of materials and is quick to build which makes it very cost-effective.

  • What?

    What is it?

    This is structure has been designed to be extremely safe and cost-effective, it features many redundancies, and is a solution that many urban centers have been clamoring for.

    Why Do We Need This?
  • How?

    How does it work?

    This invention is based on the time-proven structure known as a "suspension bridge" which has been around for hundreds of years, more than half of the bridges of the world are suspension bridges, simply because they're simplicity, low-cost and ease to build!

    Find out the Engineering behind it.

  • Renders

    Artist Renders

    Because of the high visibility of this system, is important that its Aestheticlaly Pleasing and Beautiful and that it merges with the surrounding buildings, especially in most European cities. In this Artist Renders, an Art Noveau Style was used on both the Station and the Train to show how well this system blends with most classic cities:

    See the Art Noveau Artist Renderings.