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Side View of a Boarding Station

Boarding Stations

Not so different from other elevated rail stations, As you can see, it consists of two boarding areas, a "bridge" located above both areas to connect them and access stairs, the ticket booth can be found on the right side and the entire station is designed to be as open as possible to allow fresh air to circulate, but the main reason is to allow plenty of sunlight to reach the street.

Notice both access stairs, but in addition, escalators and/or elevators could be placed for easy access, depending on the passenger traffic.

Also, noticeabily, are the side roller tires located on the sides of the boarding area, this is to prevent the car from swaying while boarding passengers, to avoid injuries by people missing step while boarding the cars. This sied tires also have the function of easing the movement of the car when entering the station.

The boarding areas are on the sides of the track, as oppose as in most cases, the track been on the sides and the boarding area in the middle, because of this, there is a bridge above the track to join both boarding areas, similar to other stations like the Chicago E line.

Unlike most other elevated stations where the track is directly next to the boarding area, in this system there is no track so the boarding area stands next to the street a few stories below, that's why for security reasons a rail with sliding doors is positioned next to where the cars stop, so that only when the car is in the right position, the sliding doors both on the station and on the car will open.

And Because of the high visibility of this system, is important that its Aestheticlaly Pleasing and Beautiful and that it merges with the surrounding buildings, especially in most European cities.

In this Artist Renders, an Art Noveau Style was used on both the Station and the Train to show how well this system blends with most classic cities: