Cables and Wires

Colored-tag cables

Main Cables, Hanging wires and cable-stayed supports.

The cables in this system work exactly like those in a suspension Bridge, but with a different layout, the main cables, instead of running parallel to each other, intercross to provide stronger structure and more resistant to lateral winds and other movements like earthquakes, also, as shown above, the main cables for the different segments are clearly shown, If the main cables were to run parallel to each other, like in a suspension bridge, the system will swivel laterally, since there are no horizontal girders to reinforce the structure, this saves weight and greatly diminishes the visual impact on the that neighboorhood, allowing a great deal of sunlight to reach the streets.

Triangular Cable support Beams

As mentioned above, a very important component of the tower is this triangular support, which ensures that the main cables on top of the towers run at the same angle (about 45 degrees) going up to the tower apex, and from it. If this traingular beam structure didn't exist, the top of the tower, and the towers in general, would be subjected to significant stress and lateral loads by the cables, instead, the structures ensures that the load on the towers goes down, vertically to the ground.