Wheel Assembly

Wheels Assembly Close-Up

Wheels, Electric Motors, Power Shoes, Shocks and Hinge

All this are part of the Wheel Assembly, the Wheels are rigid (not inflated) although possibly rubberized or have a plastic outer rim, a third wheel is plaed vertically in bewteen the main tires to provide support when turning, the leectric motors could be embedded in the wheel or be placed on the outsied, possibly one for both wheels.
The shock absorbers have the function of preventing the car from swaying wildly in high wind conditions, its important to allow the cars to move laterally, since any hanging monorail is subject to swaying when taking curves or if the wind is high, and if the cars are not allow to sway, the could put a great deal of stress on the track, this shocks keep such swaying under control. The horizontal pin is the "hinge" that allows the cars to swivel, and above it is located the power shoes, which take power from the insulated bars above in take it to the electroc motors, very similar to a trolley but far less expensive and less complicated than a pantograph. This layout also makes it less prone to malfunctions since the shoes are not subject to a lot of stress since they don't have to move around like in a trolley bus, and compared to the a pantograph, where the cables have to be placed at a constant height, this system is far less expensive and easy to maintain since it requires far less parts, only the shoes and the power bar, which is insulated from the track and is located underneat. .