Support Towers

Support Towers

Two Towers Joined by girders and including a Triangular Beam support

The towers are very similar to the towers in any suspension bridge, in that they're also joined together by girders on the top area, but the main Innovation is that the anchors supporting the main cable are located on both sides of the tower, also, the towers include a Triangular Beam support that is not present in a suspension bridge, to lay the cable on the same angle on both sides of the Tower or Pylon.

To give the towers extra support, diagonal cables can be attached from the mid-section sides of the tower to the ground, running parallel to the track, this provide the towers and the entire structure more rigidity if the cars have to suddenly break, even though the two anchors on both sides already provide reasonable support.

The height of this towers is directly dependent of the length of the track between sets of towers, the longer the span, the tallest the tower. The distance between the joined towers, (the two towers joined by girders) depends on the number of tracks, if the system has two tracks, it would be the equivalent of 4 car lanes.