Parts of the Structure

This new type of Elevated Monorail is a potential solution to all Public Transportation problems in every city! although some components are similar to other elevated trains and even existing monorails, this estructure have been significantly re-design and enhanced to create a very well thought design that has all the advantages of elevated trains but none of the disadvantages:

  • Towers The Pylons or Towers are very similar to those in a Suspension Brige, they also come in pairs and are joined together with two or more horizontal girders.
  • Interconnecting Cables The Main Cables hold the track below by using suspension cables, but in this case the pair of cables intercross to create a very stable structure, resistant to lateral winds and other forces like earthquakes.
  • The Cars The Cars are made from aluminum or other lightweight material like carbon fiber, each is self propelled by electric motors situated on top, and are designed to swivel to absorb fluctuations without stressing the track above.
  • The Wheels This component encompasses the solid tires, shock absorbers, electric motors, swivel and "shoes" to connect to the power grid.
  • The Elevated Station Almost identical to other stations for elevated trains, but this one features security doors and more open spaces.
  • Turning Corners and Safety Features In order to accomodate any street in the world, this system can turn corners by using an ingenious layout of support cables and towers, which was thought to be impossible for a suspension bridge, it also features some safety and reduncancy elements.
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